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A level coursework are taken by students in the UK who usually are 16 to 18 years old. All GCSE course requirements and written exams must be completed with satisfactory grades. Students must also receive their certificates, prior to beginning at the next stage.

A level coursework beginning , students typically take two units of each subject, for each year of studies. At this stage general subjects are taken along with more specific subjects such as Marketing Research, IT analysis and Business Finance. Sciences are separated into such subjects as Geology, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Business subjects are commonly categorized as Finance, Production Management and Human Resource Management. IT technology topics can include programming languages, networking, configurations, software development and database management. Nearly all subjects require documents or papers that should be written in specific formats.

A level coursework subjects will cover a variety of topics, for a well rounded knowledge base. This also helps students to explore career choices. Many students will choose career paths before they enter college courses. All A levels must be completed before entering college. This includes all written examinations. Many written works are required at this time. All assignments submitted to officials for grading need to be adequately researched, organized cohesively and free of grammatical errors. Students must possess at least adequate skills in all these areas to receive acceptable grades. Types of written papers include literature reviews, reports, case studies, budgets, outlines, proposals and schematics. Students must learn how to compose or construct the various types of documents. They must also learn when to use each type of document.

All written papers that require additional information or development must be thoroughly researched. There are many different databases and libraries available to students in the UK. Some material can be found in the school or university libraries. Most students also know how to use the internet. It can be a great tool for finding multiple sources of research material. All written works should include sources that are academically researched. This means that authors of articles, reviews or reports should be experts in their field. Interviews with Corporate executives can also be considered expert sources of information. It is important for students to learn proper citation and referencing techniques for all written works they complete.

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