A2 Sociology Coursework

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This subject is basically the scientific study of the society as a whole and also on subject basis. Different types of social relationships in the context of different culture are examined. It serves as a great tool for the administrator who wants to solve different social problems and tries to make general public policies.

It is a very old subject and the trace of this subject can be found at the Greek civilization. Different subjects like economics, political science, psychology and other subjects have a lot of influence on this subject. In the late 19th century this subject first arrived as a scientific study. The effect of the industrial revolution and urbanization made it a more important subject to study.

As people are disintegrating from their old habitats the way of their new social interactions, forming of new groups and new group norms were a subject of interest not only for the sociologists but also for the people of other disciplines. AS ict coursework is also perfectly done by us.

People like Karl Marx, Max Weber are some great scholars in this field and their work has encompassed several other aspects of life besides society and group formations. In Industrial sector also there were a lot of interests in knowing the way of group behavior.

Particularly after the famous Hawthorne study by Elton Mayo; suddenly people become very much interested in knowing the formal and informal group behavior. All these incidents have make people more interested in knowing the details of this subject.

Today this subject is going through some radical change because of the technology revolution, globalization and all other facets of society. But the scope and importance of this subject is increasing day by day rather than fading out. AS coursework is also done with us.

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