AQA Biology Coursework

AQA biology coursework has a very simple solution. But for that you have to read this article to gain some knowledge. Biology is the study of living organisms that is all plant and animal life, including man. Its significance is therefore, obvious. However, its study started in the beginning as a result of man's curiosity about nature. A level ICT coursework is also perfectly done by us.

Man often wondered how small seedlings of plants developed into large trees and young ones of animals grow into full sized animals resembling their parents. Nevertheless, his interest centered on plants and animals that he found useful for food, shelter and clothing or were of medicinal value. He searched, hunted, collected and tried to preserve such species. In the process he learnt to domesticate animals and grow plants at his convenience. This was the dawn of agriculture which changed his life for ever.

The study of this subject as a science, however, started with the observations on plants and animals made by Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher and teacher who is known as the father of this subject. But the term of this subject was coined by a French naturalist, Jean Lamarck. AS coursework is also done with us.

Till the middle ages it was a descriptive science, devoted to describing plants and animals on the basis of their external appearance as seen by the unaided eye. But the invention of the compound microscope in the seventeenth century made it possible to study the internal structure of plants as well as animals and extremely small micro organisms like bacteria.

The scope of this subject in today is huge. The next big thing that the science is going to achieve will be in the biology more specifically in the gene therapy. And it is not a science fiction today. With the leaps and bound growth of bio technology very soon we will find different medicines of all the non curable diseases and even may be the medicine for eternal youth. The cloning can make it possible to make more than one same person. And it looks very much achievable because of this subject. We take care of original coursework writing.

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