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The subject has various ranges from music, literature to the visual forms like painting, sculpture and print making. It his one of the oldest subject which is basically practical. Even in the pre historic age man used pictures to express their feelings to the world. It has the capability of expressing as well as stimulating the hidden emotions in the mind of the beholder.

The subject has gone through a series of evolution. Where as the previous works were mainly subjective and simple in nature with the advent of the modern era it has become more abstract and complex in nature. There are numerous approaches associated with this subject. Three such approaches are the realist approach, the objectivist approach and the relativist approach. In the realist approach the main importance is given on the reality of the picture which can depict only the substance independence of any human perception. IT coursework is taken care by our writers.

The objectivist also tries to do the same thing but here general human perception plays some part. In case of relativist position they don't really want to portrait what we see in the naked eyes. But they want to portrait something that can be interprets by different human beings in a different way according to their own perception depending on their general experience of life.

There are so many great proponents in this field like Vinci, Picasso and all others have created some of the wonders that will give pleasure to the human kind as long as human civilization survives. The importance and significance of this subject can't be described in few sentences. There is hardly any subject which gives so much pleasure to our mind.

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