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But before that you need to know some thing about the subject. The term has been evolved from Greek words "geo" means the earth and "graphein" means to write. This subject has been defined in various ways to fulfill various aims at different times in the history of its evolution and probably no two persons will agree completely on this issue. However, in spite of the differences, it is agreed that this is the study of the earth as a home for mankind. AS ict coursework is also perfectly done by us.

Roots of this subject can be traced to the period of Greek scholars who are considered to be the earliest geographers. But their knowledge of this subject was very limited and they could not differentiate this subject from astronomy, history or even biology. But in the later period it evolved as a separate subject. We take care of original coursework writing.

Theophrastus was the first to call himself a geographer. Though the credit of differentiating it from history goes to Kant. The central theme of geographical study is a spatial approach or space relations and spatial organization of various processes and phenomena. Thus it is the science that studies the spatial distribution and organization of phenomena and provides an explanation for the same.

The sphere of activity of a geographer extends from slightly below the surface of the earth to slightly above the surface into the atmosphere. This zone can be defined more precisely as a zone that can support life and it is called biosphere. It constitutes the physical environment of man. The cultural or human environments refer to the social norms and social practices and they themselves are a product of the interaction of a particular group or groups of people with their respective physical environments. Scope and subject matter of this subject is very vast and complex.

Traditionally there have been two approaches to the study of this discipline - the regional approach and the systematic approach. The regional approach is based on the concept of uniqueness and it implies that no two places or areas are alike. This approach does not allow generalizations or formulation of laws or theories. The systematic approach on the other hand is based on the concept of universality and it implies that though all places and areas differ from each other, yet there are similarities between various parts of the world. This approach tries to find laws which are generalized in nature. According to this approach this is not a descriptive but an analytical discipline.

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