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Information and communication technology has developed because of the use of computer. A computer is an information processing and information accessing tool. This means that a computer accepts some information or data from the outside world. It processes it to produce a new information (which is in most cases more useful than the initial information provided in the machine) or it can retrieve the stored information (either a part or whole of it) efficiently. AQA coursework is also perfectly done by us.

Consider the example of a population census conducted by the government to estimate various indicators like birth rate, growth rate, infant mortality etc. Data would be in the form of the no. of births, deaths etc. for a certain period of time. These numbers would themselves be of little use till they are processed to yield figures that tell us the growth rate etc. These rates ( birth, growth, death, infant mortality etc) are very important for a nation and thus would qualify as useful information.

Information processing is the essence of computing. At times it might not be obvious that a computer is processing information, but that is essentially what a computer always does. Consider a computer that generates fancy graphic images like circles on its screen. To make a circle the computer must process raw data like the radius of that circle and the exact position of the center of the circles on its screen. The computer then supplies these parameters to the video screen. The end result is the circle on the screen.

A computer may be used to control a purely mechanical action. For instance sophisticated computers aboard Navy ships may be used to chart the path of missiles. The computer accepts data figures like distance from destination, wind velocity, mass of the missile and other such parameters. It then performs mathematical calculations and yields crucial information like the initial velocity and angle of flight of the missile. Finally it supplies these parameters to the missile launching mechanism which then performs its functions by firing the missile using these parameters. This is what the magic of this subject is. You just can't imagine how many different applications it has.

The scope and importance of this subject is very large. It is still a nascent technology and there is a lot of scope for its improvement. Career wise this subject offers many lucrative offers. Today a huge no. of intelligent students are going for this subject not only because of the glamour and money attached with it but also for the interesting work assignments. AQA math coursework is also done with us.

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