Biology coursework

Biology coursework for UK students includes many different topics. It covers Human Anatomy, Human Genetics, Plant Biology, Microbiology, Plant Taxonomy, Human Physiology and much more. Students interested in many types of Science careers Study various subjects in Biology. Students who are exploring or planning careers In Health Care, Sociology, Psychology, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Chemistry, Animal Husbandry, Zoology and Forestry are required to study it. Plant Biology covers the basic processes that allow plant life to grow and function. Plant Taxonomy covers the differentiation of various plant species. Microbiology covers the microscopic organisms that affect our world, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and simpler organisms. Students may wish to work in water or sewage treatment, so a thorough understanding of the organisms that affect water quality is necessary. Students must understand the basic chemical makeup of various nutrients in order to grasp nutrition requirements.

There are many more practical applications for biological coursework. There are also competing biological theories that must be examined. Darwin and Mendel are two scientists from the past who helped to shape current knowledge and biological theory. Today there are many more biological scientists who develop new medicines, cures and diagnostic tools. Most of them are not famous, but they are equally important to scientific discovery. Written papers are required of students in Biological studies, to assess understanding of concepts and theories. Students may be required to compare and contrast competing theories. They may also be asked to compare anatomy of different species. Those who study nutrition may also be required to perform dietary analyses, in which nutrition and caloric information is charted for each food product over a number of days. Such tasks require accurate, precise evaluation and writing skills.

All writing submissions must be well organized, thoroughly researched and composed in a manner that presents clear, concise information. Sources for research papers or reports can come from medical journals, scientific journals, anatomy books or guides, and actual laboratory experiments under controlled conditions. For such experiments, all steps taken and their results should be documented. Spreadsheets or graphs can help in organizing and presenting findings of scientific experiments. Such measures can also help to determine what went wrong, in cases where experiments did not render the expected outcomes. Regardless of the format required, students must know how to organize and present information that is discovered in their studies.

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