Parts of a Five Paragraph Essay

Monday, January 19, 2009

Is it necessary to write an essay? Actually, it is really very important for a student to learn how to compose an article. Such a task involves many parameters of learning which could prove beneficial for the students in the future. You may become a good writer who understands the different concepts to writ about, you can harness your skills in effectively communicating with your readers; it is also possible that you will become a good researcher of knowledge because some research papers are actually essays. So what is it all about when my teacher instructs us to write a five paragraph essay? Actually, such a goal is never a strict one. It only provides you a guiding process on how you can write your whole article. If you are going to write a six paragraph essay or more, then you will refute the main goal of putting pressure on your skills. So why would it be necessary to experience pressures in writing? This is done mainly to enhance your skills to delegate substantial information in your article in light of a very structured format. This can teach you discipline and may enhance your ability to survive in very limited resources. So a five paragraph essay is considered to be an ideal scope system that can at least let you discuss whatever you want to discuss in your topic interest.

What are the parts of a five paragraph essay? First of all, you need to specify a topic. This topic may come from general subjects like literature, biology, computer sciences, technology, arts and societies. Afterward, you need to create a thesis statement. All of these information will be included in the first paragraph which we will call the Introduction paragraph. This is the first block of discussion where you will present a mini backboard of the essay as well as present your details and goals of discussions.

When you concern yourself with the next couple of paragraphs, you will actually learn how to compress ideas and arguments in at least three paragraphs. This is the middle block where paragraphs two to four are reserved for the actual discussion in the essay. They are called Body paragraphs because they will contain the true aspect of tackling different things about your topic. Also, if you have a problem statement, you can discuss all the necessary arguments and proofs in the Body. The three paragraphs may be divided into cases where each of the arguments in discussion will be represented by one block of paragraph. This is really effective if you are going to discuss essay topics that will involve enumerated discussion like a history essay or a biology essay.

Lastly, the final paragraph of a five paragraph essay is considered to be the summary block. Here, you will be answering the problem statement in the introduction and summarize all your findings in the Body. The Conclusion paragraph is also the host for all the details that you wish to wrap up after you have discussed the notions within the first to fourth paragraphs. can help you in writing a five paragraph essay. Visit us today.

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  • Karen Channell

    I have a question. While I agree that students (and adults) need to compose or write an essay or summary or something similar, what I am not clear on is: Why do we still insist that kids use the archaic pencil? I realize that it is a historical utensil, but most professions do not use them for medical reports, file entries, summaries etc. Why don’t we begin at a young age to acquaint children with technology/computers?

    When you think of it, it is a sign of progress (encouraging overall). Think of it in another manner. When you wash your clothing, do you prefer to bang it on a rock or use a washing machine?

    When I compose something (and I do), I love the ability to compose with the convenience of editing with cut and paste. I enjoy editing to check for repeating statements.

    This is what writing is about. Remember the drudgery of writing a paper then correcting everything and having to recopy (with no mistakes) it all over again…it’s outdated.

    I’m a retired teacher and have learned almost everything I know (I learned Irfanview this year) from our 14 year old son. Schools don’t have computer science (well, one had Power Point which he learned on his own at age 9). He does this independently with the help of programs and websites (like the free ones offered by colleges).

    Is the U.K. still in the pencil mode like the US is? I wish to know because when I think of teaching writing, it was the drudgery that was no fun. When we went to the computer lab to create a Power Point (courtesy of my son), they loved typing and creating information….

    I think we should enjoy the beauty of rocks, but use the washing machine (AKA move up from pencils for long, multi page essays or SAT exams and use computers). What do you think?

    Thanks. I will use you opinion from the UK if needed. One of my retirement quests is to get the educational system to understand that using computer/technology would give the teacher more time to interact with students and less time doing the “grunt work” that websites offer!

    Let me know, OK?

  • Support

    Dear Karen,
    You asked about a very debating and hot topic that even we have to face in most of our universities. Let me tell you something from my personal experience then. Our tutors are sometimes very encouraging and want their students to pen down everything by themselves- their own handwriting! But it really depends on the teachers because I did come across some very open minded as well. But well, let us not criticize anyone. The pencil mode tend to reassure many that the work was done by the student and there would be excluded from plagiarism. There are many ways though to exclude plagiarism and this is the main reason as to why we promote the ideas of being more plain and original. I hope that you would agree with my point.
    Site Admin

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