Sample Research Proposal – Where Can I Get One?

Monday, September 22, 2008

When we talk about a sample, we are actually referring to a guide. In the field of writing dissertations, one sample research proposal may be enough to help us complete our projects. Because of the fact that a research paper involves many chapters, it would not hurt if we will use some reference materials that can help us manage these parts and complete a reliable thesis paper. Today let us talk about how we can obtain a dissertation example.

A sample research proposal may also mean the same when we talk about example materials for a dissertation, thesis or research paper. But no matter what we call these projects are, there is still the same anxiety provoking status of school projects that make students become upset due to the difficulties in building different types of research articles.

Let us start wit h the conventional source of a sample research proposal, the library. Usually, small kids and students regard libraries as source of book and publishing materials. Actually this is not true because you can find other reading items in such institutions. A sample research proposal may actually be acquired from libraries when you ask the librarian. They have defined sections in the center where research papers of previous students are archived. As you know newspapers are kept also in a designated part of the library which is also the same principle when it comes to research proposals.

There are so many kinds of research proposals, business studies coursework types, chemistry thesis projects, technology coursework papers and literary dissertations. But no matter what the subject may be, you can always find a sample research proposal online. Yes, the internet is the next big source of a dissertation example for students. Basically, this is much more convenient than going to the libraries because you can acquire a sample copy without leaving your home. You can use search engines like Google and Yahoo if you want to search for a sample article online. However, always make it a habit to check the credibility factor of the website that you are going to use for there is also some bogus sites that will prey on your innocence. Some will even charge you a hefty sum just to get a sample paper.

Some benefits of using a research proposal example may only be realized once you have acquired one. The last possible source of these materials will be your friends and relatives. Try to ask them whether they have kept their copies of research proposals. This will at least be much easier for you since there is no need to do researching.

A sample research proposal is definitely a good material to have. From the guidance it can give in research paper methodology writing to completing the conclusion chapter, it is always a good thing to have an example reference. You can get some more info on how to obtain one when you read the pages in this website and see the difference of having a reliable example file.

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  • SAM

    send me a sample plz.

  • Support

    Dear Sam,
    I have to inform you that you have posted this comment on the link called “Sample Research Proposal – Where Can I Get One?”
    So the samples are available on the following link:
    Site Admin


    Much thanks for good materials and knowledge based resources you are offering. Thus for the same I would like to send me a sample of a research proposal having all requisite ingredients but reduced into a single page. And a;so a sample of the same having a detailed ingredients (i.e. having more than one pagwe.) kind regards.

  • content

    Dear Kennedi,
    You are welcome. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can in writing your paper. You may check out our samples section on the web site.


    Plz send me a research proposal sample copy to my e-mail on synthetic organic chemistry

  • Support

    Dear Mohan,
    I have to inform you that currently we have not published such a topic in our sample. However, if you would like to have a professional help you can surely let us know, and you also have the option of asking for free tips and links.
    Site Admin

  • ROSE

    Please send me an example of a written research proposal so that i can know how to go about am stack and we are supposed to submit our proposal on 20th june 2009 my topic is WOMEN ARE GOOD ADMINISTRATOR AS MEN send it in my mail probably today

  • Mazhar Iqbal

    Would you please e mail me one copy of sample proposal letters on the topic of ” REUSE OF DRINKING WATER SLUDGE WITH BENFITS ASSOCIATED ECONOMICALLY,SOCIALLY AND ENVIRONMENTALLY WITH IT”

  • Support

    Dear Rose,
    I would have to request to take a quick tour in our samples area and you would find all the assignment that we have published online. As for your topic, you have to place an order to have an original and unique work.
    Site Admin

  • Support

    Dear Mazhar,
    Unfortunately we cannot provide you such a paper at the time being even if our writers have attempted such a paper. I can offer you with some tips though!
    Site Admin

  • virginia topang

    pls. send me a copy of proposal letter regarding for logistics company..


  • Amar

    i am happy to see this information..
    can you give the sample research proposal on synthetic organic chemistry.
    plz send to my mail

    thanking you very much

  • Tsegaye Deyou

    Please send me well prepared proposal writing format related to the area of organic chemistry so that i will able to write a good proposal in my research
    please send me a sample format.
    thank you

  • Essay Writer

    Hello Tsegaye,
    I have to inform you that I would not be able to send you such a sample as this type of work is not available in our samples as customers like to evaluate the English level first before purchasing and it is for this reason that we do not have it among the sample area. But in case you would like to place an order, I would be attending to you personally.

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