GCSE business coursework

Business studies coursework/GCSE business coursework in the UK includes many different subjects or topics. Human Resource management, Finance and Accounting, and Global Business are some of the specific subjects that are covered. To obtain a General Certificate in Secondary Education, students must successfully complete general subjects, as well as specific areas of interest. Business is just area of special interest. At this level students are exposed to general topics for a broad base of business knowledge. In order to study Business subjects at A level, students must complete all business requirements at GCSE. This includes submitting all written assignments and examinations. Students taking these courses at this level are able to explore the many business processes. Students are often asked to submit business plans or budgets as part of their studies. All papers are required to be written using proper grammar and language.

Though topics at this level are broader and less focused than at higher levels, they give students plenty of background to continue. Students from age 14 to 16 may not have much exposure to business processes. Studies in Business give them a more complete understanding of what it takes to manage, work as a corporate accountant or provide employee assistance. Students will learn what it takes to become a manager, or start up their own companies. They will explore why proper financing and accounting techniques can keep companies from experiencing legal problems. They will also understand how employees are hired, then supported once they accept employment. All students taking such courses should learn how a basic business plan is composed and what is included.

Written documentation of all financial and physical resources is required upon formulating ideas. All other sources of financing, such as loans and grants should be explored. A business plan also includes product or research market analysis, to determine how competitive a it will be in specific markets. The plan should specify whether the company will consider globalization at a later date, or if its unique processes are desirable mostly in the UK. Resources such as supplies and labor must also be outlined in detail. Many students have limited knowledge of planning prior to GCSE studies. Learning to organize and outline such plans will enable them to successfully complete future courses.

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