Business coursework

In the UK Business coursework is studied at GCSE, A level coursework and college level. Subjects vary from general Business Management to more specific courses, such as Accounting, Human Resource Management and Business Analysis. At each level business studies become more involved and more specific. Students who are interested in accounting may choose to become accountants, corporate financial officers, bank loan officers, financial consultants or stock brokers. Those interested in business management may become plant managers, shift supervisors, supply or stockroom managers, product buyers and even small business owners. Those who focus on human resources may work for large corporations, overseeing employee benefits, vacation requests and hiring processes. They may also work as staffing or employment counselors to job seekers. Business communications jobs may involve writing and designing brochures, working with IT professionals to implement new systems or performing general office tasks.

Students may be required to complete a variety of business coursework such as business plans, product analyses and proposals. Students will also be exposed to Office, human resource management and customer relationship management software. Online business processes may also be incorporated into studies. Many companies purchase supplies online. Others sell products. Companies that sell products online collect data related to product and customer satisfaction. This information is used to determine which products are most desirable. It can also be used to track customer demographics and buying habits. Collecting data online is a new but very important aspect of market analysis. Many companies can greatly reduce storage needs by eliminating supplies or products that are not desirable. To do these companies must hire employees who are detail oriented and understand profit / loss concepts.

UK students are required to produce much written material in their business studies. Business plans can be extensive, depending on the type of marketing it is involved in. Proposals for work or service contracts must also spell out details in order to be useful. Accounting and finance students must often submit several months worth of corporate earnings or other figures. Stock Market analysis requires extensive research and investigation in order to advise clients wisely. Students must learn to produce all types of written documentation, regardless of the type of business subjects they study. They must learn to research, analyze, format and compose many types of papers. They must also complete written examinations for business subjects at all levels.

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