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Dissertation examples, essay samples and any other academic writing models can be of a great help to students who write papers on their own.  Such students are kindly welcomed to use one of our ready projects in order to come with an idea of their own. All our samples and writing examples are taken only from best works, which have already received excellent grades and were highly praised by our clients.   

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Admittedly, the entire article that has been written for the college admission can easily be viewed online. All free sample essays & dissertation examples have insider comments that will be very useful in case you decide to write a research paper on your own.

Moreover, there are brainstorming reviews and meticulous researches in addition to the well-written examples of various academic papers.

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Essay Sample

Download (pdf, 30 Kb)
Title: Stem Cell Research: What It All Means
Type of Document: Essay
Academic Level: High School
Referencing Style: APA
Number of Pages: 10
Number of Sources: 4

Coursework Example

Download (pdf, 34 Kb)
Title:  Spring Mills
Type of Document: Coursework
Academic Level: High School
Referencing Style: APA
Number of Pages: 5

Dissertation Sample

Download (pdf, 133 Kb)
Title: How Do International Marketing Strategies Help Firms Achieve Competitive
Type of Document: Dissertation
Academic Level: High School
Referencing Style: APA
Number of Pages: 54

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