Geology coursework

Geology coursework in the UK involves study of the composition and function of the earth land formations. Students learn about fossils, rocks, minerals and their formation over time. Students begin to study such subjects at A level and may continue through college. Students often take such courses along with Sciences such as Biology and Chemistry. Students learn about the various layers of the earth called Strata. They discover how each was formed and the physical components of each layer. Minerals are found at each strata, though some are more prevalent than others in different layers. Each layer also tells us what climate was like at different periods of time on earth.

Fossils give us information on what life forms and species existed in various periods of time. They also tell us what the climate was like with respect to temperature, rainfall and Sunlight. From the various minerals and amounts of Carbon found in fossils and rocks, scientists can estimate their relative age or longevity.

Students gain a better understanding of their physical world through Geology subjects. Such studies appeal to a wide variety of people, both young and old. Specific subjects include Palaeontology, Petrology and Tectonics. Palaeontology includes the preservation of fossils, dating of fossils and evolution of various fossil groups. Petrology involves studying the mineral and organic properties of rocks and fossils. Tectonics involves the study of earth's plates, their shifting and how events such as earthquakes change or affect those plates. Students who participate in such courses will complete laboratory and field work as the majority of subject requirements. Written Geology coursework is required of students to explain the processes used and their findings.

Students may work individually or in groups, depending on safety factors that may be associated with field work projects. Climbing, hiking, digging and other activities can result in injury to the most cautious student. It is recommended that safety glasses or goggles are worn when activities such as digging, climbing, dusting or chipping take place. Fragments of rock or particles can easily become lodged in they eyes. While students often participate in projects with an entire group or class, curiosity may lead an individual to become involved in his or her own personal investigation. When individual projects are taken up, students should always take along a buddy or friend in case of emergency situations. The student should also let an adult or family member know the exact location in which he or she will be working.

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