History coursework

History coursework in the UK includes many different subjects. Students in GCSE, A level and college level may study Modern World History, Modern European History, Modern UK history and many other subjects that present events of the 21st century. Other subjects such as Northern Ireland history, USA history and Russian history focus on historical events of specific nations. Subjects that explore major world wars such as WWI History, WWII History, Cold War History, Vietnam War and French Revolution are also studied. Some subjects such as Nuclear Arms and Monarchy and Politics focus on a particular set of historical events. In the UK, even more focused subjects like Jack the Ripper can be studied in it.

History coursework rarely investigates the opinions of others. It is based on facts and events that affect the world or a nation. However, students are encouraged to use reasoning and knowledge to provide possible historical alternatives or solutions to past and present events that have led to turmoil. Understanding how events came to be or what caused them are important factors that can influence how future leaders deal with disturbances or conflict. Students may also study Conflict Resolution and other courses to help them deal with conflict and learn to negotiate more effectively. Students may form their own opinions as to actual causes and effects of historical events, but must learn the basic facts and impact of events through statistical or empirical data that form the bulk of material presented.

Many subjects discuss development of governments, laws, governmental policy and political events that lead to current legislation. Some subjects focus specifically on the workings of government. Other subjects present that evolution of technological, mechanical and manufacturing processes. Technology is not limited to current processes and products. It involves inventions or processes that have bee developed from the beginning of man's existence. For instance, the invention of the wheel, meat curing, food preservation and medicinal cures are all examples of technology which has a historical impact on the world. Students may also investigate how current technology impacts their environment and the global environment.

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