Law dissertation

Law dissertation can cover a variety of legal topics such as Tort, Corporate, Public, Family, Employment, Criminal, International, Property, Housing, Sports, Parliament and other subjects. Legal History, Medical Ethics and Legal Research are also topics that can be discussed in it. Papers can discuss application of various types of law, state case law as support or develop independent law proposals. There are many courses for graduate students that require such research papers as the greatest portion of the course grade. Undertaking of any legal research project should include professional references and case law, where necessary to support arguments or perspectives. All subjects can become very involved, so it may be necessary to narrow the topic further. A student may wish to write about Environmental law and corporate responsibility. The topic could be narrowed to Corporate Compliance with Toxic Waste.

There are current legal statutes, case studies, case precedence and works of legal professionals as sources for Law dissertations. There are political threats and implications that can also be investigated. Some topics such as Criminal law may require gathering information from police or other law enforcement officials. References for such papers should always be obtained from case studies, law libraries and legal documents. Additional information obtained should come from experts in areas of interest. Citations of outside sources should be done properly. For case law, the case number and court where the case was heard should be included along with case name and date the case was decided. Legal statutes should also be referenced by title, name of enacting court, date statute was enacted and statute number.

Most papers covering legal topics are required to be formatted in a specific style such as MLA, or use particular referencing such as Harvard. Students should always check with The guidelines set forth by the academic institution they attend. The complete paper includes many parts. Title page is used for the title and author, though many times students add course name, number and professor name. The abstract is a brief yet concise summary of what readers will find in the report. Introduction explains what the objective and content of the report will be. Background and Methodology let the reader know important factors that are explored in the report and how the author has gone about conducting the research or obtaining facts. Literature Review, Evidence, Conclusion and Recommendations are also vital to such a project.

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