Literature coursework

Literature coursework requirements vary depending on the type or types of works that will be discussed. First, the topic must be selected. Author or authors of the works to be used should be evaluated. Students can find background information on many different writers of different genres or categories. Information about authors and their works can be found in academic libraries, online libraries or journals. Next, the focus of the paper should be determined. Students may be required to compare how different authors develop personalities of the main characters. Students may also evaluate various styles and story development. Analysis of the time period in which the work or works were written can help students in development of their perspective. Regardless of the approach taken, a well developed statement or thesis should become the focal point of the review.

Ideas and main points for literature coursework should be those of the writer. However, critical reviews and analyses from professionals can be used to get the point across, as long as proper credit is given to others. Opinions and statements of others should only be used to reinforce the main points or views of the writer. In depth analysis of any literary work should undertaken with consideration for the context in which it was written. Sociological, political and historical (see also sociology coursework, political essay and history essay) context of a particular work require thorough understanding and additional research, often looking at other works of the time period. When writing about literary works, the main perspective or statement should be made known within the first paragraph, just as in any other coursework.

Subsequent paragraphs should provide support for the main theme or statement. Each supporting point or idea should be explained as concisely as possible. Sources used for additional information or to support perspectives should come from literary experts or authors. Journal articles, books and reviews are excellent types of sources. Of course, proper citation methods should always be used. Most academic institutions require MLA style for literary papers, so writers should use style guides if unfamiliar with this style of writing and citation. As in depth analysis requires extensive reading and investigation, plenty of time should be allowed for researching of authors and literary works. Selection of sources should be done with care, keeping the thesis or perspective in mind.

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