Outstanding Literature Review Methodology

Why is it important to write literature reviews?

Literature review is one of the most important sections of academic writing assignments. The main purpose of this part of any essay, dissertation or other kinds of academic paper is to lay emphasis on the chosen topic and to analyze the connection between multitudes of published materials dedicated to the chosen field of study. You should not make a muddle of literature review and bibliography. Bibliography includes each article that you have invocated in your paper. Literature review provides outstanding opportunity to show the scientific in-depth of your paper that is why you should do your best when accomplishing it. You should take into consideration that, as usual, literature review methodology withstands the most thorough examination.

How to write literature review methodology?

There are a lot of different ways of writing literature reviews. In some cases it is appropriate to write it as a separate paper with a theoretical framework and rationale. Of course, there is no special set of rules how to write literature review methodology, however, you should bring into notice these essential aspects of writing in order to create outstanding literature review:

  • As far as you know, this section includes the information on how you have collected necessary data for your research paper. That is why it is advisable to take notes while selecting data for your research thus it would be much easier to organize methodology section.
  • In this section you have to describe all methods you have used and give reasonable explanation why you have chosen these methods.
  • It is necessary to describe all materials that were used in research.
  • You have to describe the procedure of data selection.
  • Display how the literature review informed your methodology
  • It is advisable to estimate limitations and restrictions of every method used in your review section

Perfectly written literature review methodology should meet the following requirements:

  • Be simple. Your audience should have a possibility to cope with your writing
  • All resources should be relevant and reliable
  • There are a lot of methods you can choose for collecting data. Your review should provide a clear notion of the selection criteria.
  • Each review states particular research questions and you should provide clear and logical answers to those questions.
  • Your point of view is unacceptable here because review deals with thoughts of other people concerning the chosen research issue

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