Marketing dissertation

Marketing dissertation in the UK involves thorough investigation and research of a very specific topic. Some of the broader categories for such papers include Contemporary Issues in Economics, Retail Marketing, Marketing of Services, Theory of Advertising, Advertising Management, Internet Marketing Strategy, Brand Marketing and many more. No matter which topic is selected, focus and research should be as current as possible and applicable to the strategies of today???s businesses. There are opportunities to explore subjects related to global strategies, as many UK corporations also conduct business overseas and in neighboring countries. There are many foreign-owned companies in the UK as well. A research paper that discusses services can focus on comparison of two or more companies. It can also focus on training or retraining issues. Another great topic is the effect of change management on marketing activities.

Branding and Brand Image is another popular topic for marketing dissertation. Retail store chains, book stores, automobile manufacturers, financial institutions and clothing designers all rely on branding to a greater or lesser extent to generate revenue. Those businesses that sell product may focus on design and promote that design to a particular segment. Businesses such as grocery retailers, who sell multiple products must build their brand by providing services and experiences that stand out from competitors. This is also true of service based corporations who must differentiate themselves with services, whether faster, more convenient or less costly. Branding usually occurs over a lengthy period of time like a decade or more, though some brands have been known to establish themselves much more quickly.

Advertising is another great topic. Theory of advertising explores the psychological influences that play a role in advertising. For a research paper, theory can explain in depth how various advertising media invoke emotions that consumers relate to. Extensive research is available on internet strategies. As one of the newest means for generating revenue, there are many exceptional models and some not so successful models on how to reach consumers via the internet. Turning interested consumers and satisfied customers into loyal repeat customers on the web is a bit more challenging than in a typical brick and mortar business. There are many dimensions that can be measured and compared with internet businesses. Students who choose such a topic should become familiar with the various dimensions used to gouge internet business success.

All marketing dissertation projects should be composed in proper format with correct citation and referencing. Title page, overview or abstract, index page, introduction, research data, content, and summary are the minimum requirements for a research paper at this level. has plenty of UK writers who are Marketing experts to assist with your research and writing needs. All works are authentic, free of plagiarism. Deadlines and length of projects determine fees, though they are always reasonable. Every thesis provided to UK customers is written in proper UK English. Message boards are available online for each order, so that customers can communicate important details to assigned writers.


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