Media coursework

Media coursework includes many different avenues or subjects. Film making, Copy Writing, Advertising, Journalism, Video Production, Music, TV production and many other subjects fall under the general Media term. In the UK studies of this type usually begin at GCSE level, become more involved at A level (see also how to write A level coursework, sociology coursework and technology coursework). Students may begin by learning about the different forms or avenues. Later, studies may expand to involve students in projects using the various forms. Students may learn how to make music CDs or Videos. They may learn about directing and film making tasks, while participating in film making or recording projects. Students can discover what skills are required for jobs as news writers, reporters and editors. They can also learn how to write advertising copy that is used in magazines, brochures and even on the internet. Online advertising copy is far different in format and perspective from the other forms.

Creating good media coursework requires knowledge in different areas. Copy writing for the internet requires use of keywords strategically placed in written copy. It also requires knowledge of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Students who wish to become involved in the film or movie industry will discover how to develop, direct, compose and produce films. They will discover that while much talent exists in this industry, it is also highly competitive. It takes a special insight or quality to become a successful film maker. It also takes particular talent to write advertising copy, new stories and scripts for Television. Some students may discover that they possess a talent for certain kinds of writing such as scripts. Others may wish to focus on human interest stories for the local newspaper.

Other careers students can explore are Magazine or News editors, who make decisions about where, when and if articles should be allowed in print. Students may wish to pursue the making of music videos. Such careers are very difficult to break into and require a back up plan in the interim. Video producers are skilled in mixing sounds, lights, instruments and other factors that go into making CDs or DVDs. Students will learn various aspects or techniques of acting so that they can better direct characters. Again, jobs in directing of films or movies are difficult to come by. Still, many students skilled in Media subjects may work for hospitals, corporations and other institutions that use different forms of media for security monitoring, job training, presentations, video conferencing and for surgical procedures.

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