Get Higher Essay Scores with This Handy SAT Summary

A test with quite an intricate grading system, SAT is a challenge for would-be college students. It could also be an inspiration for you if you want some criteria of a really good essay after college, as SAT authors have issued several manuals for graders and teachers. This infographic is based on the manual for SAT essay scoring.

SAT essays are scored by two reviewers each of whom can give an essay the score from 1 to 6. However, the maximum of points you can get for an essay is 11, which means that at least one of the reviewer needs to put the score of 5. The scores are assigned in line with the criteria listed below. SAT also provides some recommendations on how to increase your performance, say, your mastery of grammar. The horizontal axis illustrates the score while the vertical depicts the importance of certain features for a given score.

There’s a good news for you: as you can see on the graph below, SAT scores greatly depend on the proportion, so everybody can write good essays. It’s not that a “perfect” essay doesn’t have poor examples. Rather, it’s that in a well-developed work, there is more credible evidence than inadequate materials. Original ideas and critical thinking matter slightly more than precision with grammar. As critical thinking is a crucial skill for academic essay writing, you may develop it by reading the recommendations for academic analysis and interacting with CustomEssays’ professional academic writers.

There are some curves that don’t change or change very moderately from a poor essay to a good one. This means that some aspects of writing are so essential that they don’t make a big difference is you want to be a superstar but become critical if you just want to pass. For example, you need to make an essay paper coherent and organize it well. An essay outline will be at use if you need to eliminate redundancies and arrange your ideas in a proper order. You also may need to follow the proper essay format. Once again, our writers may help you with this quest.

Last but not least, you need to coin your own original thoughts and present them progressively from the beginning to the end of your SAT essay. The same applies to college and university writing. guarantees you that any work you order is 100% original. This means that we never use other people’s thoughts without a fir reference. And this is how you can increase your scores for essay writing!

Welcome to study the graph in more detail for more insights. And remember – you can do it! You can write a decent SAT essay. Or order even cooler custom work from!


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