Sociology coursework

Sociology coursework includes many subjects that explore human behaviors. There are many topics, Sociological theories and research studies that help students to understand why humans behave the way they do. Subjects address the cultural, scientific and environmental influences that provide insight into behavior. Subjects can be studied beginning at A level, continuing through college (see also how to write A level coursework). Students will learn about social research and read or review many research studies. Students will also learn to evaluate such academic studies. Studies that require student involvement may also be required at the various levels. A level students may conduct basic social experiments or research products, while college students may plan, research, conduct and report on longer, more in-depth projects. Students have opportunities to explore career options that education in Sociological subjects can lead to.

Social work, counseling, social research, socio-economic research and behavioral research are some of the areas in which students may later become employed. School advisory, employment counseling and many other government based services require an education in Sociology. Students at college levels will learn to apply statistical techniques they have learned in Mathematics courses to their current work. They will learn terms such as random sample, sampling unit, representative sample, variance, median, mean, average and many more. Terminology used in research helps those involved in such projects and their peers to make sense of information that is gathered. Social research studies can be short term or one time projects. They can also be longitudinal, which means that sets of data are repeatedly collected at regular intervals over a period of time, from the same respondents.

All subjects require students to provide sociology coursework. Field work, projects, studies and reviews must be cohesive and thoroughly described. Students must make sense of the data collected by composing it into statistical format. It is then easier to summarize or base conclusions on the evidence gathered from projects. Students may find that their data either agrees with or refutes a particular theory. This can happen when factors beyond the researcher's control influence the outcomes. For instance, a social research theory may suggest that students living in rural areas fall behind in social skills, compared to students living in urban areas. A researcher may find that the results of his or her data suggest otherwise. Factors such as education level of parents, previous residence in urban areas and social skills of teachers may influence the outcome.

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