Statistics coursework

Statistics coursework is studied at A level and college level in the UK. Students taking GCSE courses may also be exposed to some statistical processes. Subjects of this nature involve the manipulation or formatting of data into sensible and usable information. Calculation of average, mean, median and mode are basic principles involved. Average or mean requires compiling a group of numbers and determining overall ranking. Median or middle figure is calculated by first determining the lowest and highest numbers, than finding the exact middle of the two numbers. Mode is the number most often used in a group or set of numbers. Research studies or projects are often used so that students can more fully understand concepts (see also how to write A level coursework, AS coursework, English coursework and sociology coursework).

Often data and not only for a statistics coursework is weighted or skewed in one direction or another due to commonalities in research data. Trends and habits often affect the outcome of research data. It is used quite a bit for medical research, market research and other job related tasks that collect information in numerical form. Students are able to explore or discover the many jobs that require the use of or determination of statistical data to improve, enhance or create work processes. Governmental agencies and political entities use such data to develop social programs that benefit as many citizens as possible. Laws are often enacted when data suggests that action should be taken regarding specific problems. Data used in marketing research helps companies determine which products and services are the most likely to be selected and purchased.

Students may have opportunities to become involved in the gathering and processing of numerical data into specific forms or statistics. They may also have opportunities to Devise and create their own information gathering activities, so that they may learn first hand how such information can be processed and utilized. Organizations such as health care institutions use information to identify possible epidemics of disease, increasing health problems and treatment regimens. Organizations involved in law enforcement use data to determine amount of policing that may be utilized in certain geographic locations, as well as which types of crimes are committed most often in various locations. Companies involved in marketing activities gather information to develop the best products and services. This helps them remain competitive in specific markets. Information on the number of visitors versus the number of actual buyers can help companies that conduct business on the internet to enhance the look and features of their web sites.

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