Technology coursework

Technology coursework in the UK is very diverse. Specific areas of study include Food, Information, Health, Security and Law Enforcement (see also how to write an IT coursework, an English coursework and a sociology coursework). The study of food includes learning proper cooking techniques, service procedures, catering, food nutrition, meal planning and proper use of hygienic techniques. Information involves computer processes such as networking, configuration, programming, software development and database management. Health involves learning specific skills that aid in diagnosis or treatment such as Physical Therapy, Ultrasound, X-ray, CT or Cat Scan, MRI and others that are specific to certain procedures. Security and Law Enforcement cover issues in safety planning, proper use of alarm and detection systems, laws regarding the use of systems and proper methods of detaining or restraining offenders. Technologies come in a wide variety of services or specialties. Students will spend many hours studying the technology of their choice, so it is wise to have a specific career path in mind prior to investing all the time and effort.

Writing technology coursework requires reading of materials, understanding of concepts and real life application of processes. Students can begin studying technologies at A level, continuing through college. For many professions, specific numbers of hours or months are spent working as interns or apprentices before working solo or without supervision. Such arrangements may begin before students actually complete their academic studies, depending on what is customary, available and recommended. Students must pass written examinations to complete A level studies. Later, many professions require passing entrance tests or exams to become licensed in their Field. Those who study food may choose to work for hospitals, restaurants, hotels, resorts, Government offices or private catering firms.

Health Care diagnostics require the preparation and use of equipment that is extremely costly and complicated. It takes special skills to operate such equipment. Internships or apprenticeships for such skills can last several months. Students must pass examinations that show knowledge and skills to operate such equipment on their own. Police, Firefighters and Security Guards need specialized training in order to keep the public as safe as possible. This is a daunting task and requires several months of specialized studies, as well as practical experience in real situations with constant supervision. All technologies require study of specialized processes which require attention to detail and ability to focus. Written reports are required of nearly all specialties. Students must learn how to create reports, fill out requests, order supplies and communicate information to others.

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