Essay Writing

Writing the Essay Paper for Professional Courses

When you write the essay paper for professional courses and for entrance examinations, you are on a different playing field. Here, the essay is no longer your class essay writing where you describe and criticize. For these exams, your analytical and writing skills are of foremost importance. The GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL writing standards are different from your usual class assignments and essays.

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) sections in GMAT and GRE test your analytical abilities. There are two essays questions, each of half-hour duration. The analysis of issues question requires you to analyse a given issue and state your opinions on it. You need clarity of thought and understanding of the issue. Your opinion need not be right or wrong, but you will need to consider various aspects of the issue, different approaches to it, and rely considerably on your knowledge or awareness of the issue presented to you.

The other question pertains to analysis of arguments where you need to point out its loopholes, weaknesses, and strengths. For this, you have to first understand the basic premise in the argument, the direction in which it is headed, and the points in defence of the stand. Once you understand this, you have to analyse whether the argument is cogent, relevant to the subject, and logical. Does the writer provide adequate points in defence of his/her argument? Does s/he have examples that substantiate the argument? Are the examples relevant to the subject and to the points? Is the reasoning made in language that is convincing, or does the writer use words that reflect his/her uncertainty?

As for all essays writing, your grammar, structure, and content should be in place for these papers. Structure and use of subject specific words is important, as well as you ability to think on your feet while analysing a topic. You have to support your opinions with adequate reasoning and examples, such that you convince the reader about your position on an issue.

TOEFL also tests your ability to write correct English, present your thoughts coherently, and analyse issues succinctly. Again, the ability to understand the topic given and its various aspects is a must. You don’t want to get aggressive or vehement, but calmly and clearly explain your stand and logic to the reader. Your essay, as usual, should contain the essential break up of paragraphs, a clearly written introduction that introduces the topic to the reader, body paragraphs with topic sentences, and a final conclusion that sums up the paper. For topics from TOEFL, you could check out

The essay paper has various forms and restrictions, depending on the purpose behind it. But the approach to essay writing remains the same. You have to be clear in your thoughts and ideas, understand what the subject/topic requires from you, and differentiate between irrelevant and relevant points pertaining to the essay. And all of these, you have to do within 30 minutes assigned for each essay. While the task is difficult, remember, your essay writing skills from school and college days will be helpful.