Different Types of Math Assignments

We are always used to having a math assignment that are either in problem solving or question and answer formats. But did you know that there are also some other ways for your teacher to require an assignment in this subject field? In general, a coursework may be considered as something universal and generic. When you are writing an assignment, it is just one form of a coursework. It is really customizable and our teacher’s preference will have a great influence on it. When you are required to solve a math assignment, there is usually more than one way to do this. Depending on your teacher’s instructions, you will be doing homework projects that are varied.

Problem solving-This is one of the basic types of math assignments. Since your pre-school years, the type of assignments involved in this subject is simply related to answering math questions based on numerical principles. The assignment questions are itemized and each number represents a defined problem. You will be answering them based on the latest lessons that you have learned in class. Problem solving should be difficult but relatively faster to complete. Simply calculate for the answers and you are done.

Essay writing-it may not be the usual forms of a math assignment but it is really possible for you to have one. An essay written about mathematics is not unusual because each subject that you are going to take will probably have a form of essay writing task one form or another. There are certain instructions that your teacher may request from the class one of which is the topic selection. Well, there are still so many things to talk about math and that you can easily write a good essay out of it. A math assignment essay can be written that talks about great mathematicians, the difficulty of the subject as a reflective essay, the uses of math in everyday lives as an argument essay or even talk about its history as an informative essay would do.

Conducting a research-this one type of a math assignment is probably the most difficult one. We are not used to doing research about the subject since we are simply locked in the concept that numerical calculations are everything about math. But there are times when a college student, especially if he is a major in math, that a dissertation or thesis paper will be required to be written. In this case, you need to come up with thesis statements that will use math concepts and ideas and then conduct researching about it. To write essay article about math is difficult enough, something that is increased ten folds when writing a research paper.

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