Dissertation Proofreading – Edit Before you Submit

The proper attitude in submitting your dissertations is to turn them in with the highest quality possible. Of course, whether you are writing for your Masters Research paper or an undergraduate thesis, it is important to polish out all the possible errors and flaws that may be found among them. Thus, dissertation proofreading is a very important post-writing task.

Dissertation proofreading does not demand too much in terms of time and effort resources. This only means that you can simply do such work after you have already completed writing your thesis paper. There are only three segments that you need to look out for when proofreading your papers; spelling, grammar, accuracy.


When you are writing a psychology paper or those that involve health and scientific ideas, spelling functions of words are very important. This is true especially if you have so many scientific terms that are incorporated in your document. A good spelling check is vital since this will help you eliminate misspelled names to make your paper more credible. Also, aside from doing the spell check with the proper names, you also need to watch out for those commonly misspelled words. To make your life easier, simply use the function of MS Word spelling checker. However, always be on the lookout for those words that may not be identified as wrong. For example, you might want to use the word “from” but you have typed in “form”. Both are correct words and will be identified by MS Word to be correct but actually, the usage aspect is not acceptable.


The grammar editing function in dissertation proofreading is an aspect that can make your sentences clear and easy to understand. When you are going to write a law dissertation, you would only want to be grammatically correct in each of your sentences. If you happen to commit grammatical errors in this kind of a research paper, your thoughts and ideas may be compromised. The same goes in a marketing dissertation. A good grammar structure can help your readers fully understand what you would like to convey to them.


The aspect of accuracy in a dissertation comes in those topics that involve numbers and scientific concepts. Of course, we are only humans and there is a great possibility that we would commit mistakes in typing the numerical data in our research papers. Therefore, to scan for those numerical errors should also be a considerable task to be undertaken in dissertation proofreading. You can check for the data accuracy when you compare what you have typed in within your paper and the actual source of data numbers.

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