The Abortion Essay

Whether for or against, be factual

A moral issue plaguing present society is abortion. There is a great divide between those who oppose or support the practice. An abortion essay will reflect defends one, so this paper should be presented with a strong argument, whether for or against it. Study the basics of essay writing before stating to write.

Abortion is not only an ethical issue. It is also a personal issue. Hence, the essay about it should not be judgmental, but informative. This would help readers form their own stand based on the argument presented.

The essay must not carry undertones of a personal bias for or against the problem. Instead, the writer should use relevant data, legal applications, and factual statistics to make a convincing paper. This is more compelling than the fire and brimstone approach.

How to win your argument

Here are sure-fire tips to make your work win points:

● Get your facts straight – double check your data. Your facts should be
able to support your thesis.
● Organize your facts – Organizing your facts will prevent confusion and
the time getting at it.
● Get the latest statistics- The latest statistics will provide a picture
of the latest trend in abortion
● Conduct interviews – get the people’s pulse and tie this with your
formal sources
● Look at all angles – legal, religious, social, and even the economic
side of it.
● Do not get personal – be subjective but with the intent to prove your
point successfully.
● Discuss your argument clearly – Do not confuse the issue, stick to your
central idea.
● Do not antagonize your reader – Just present your views and the facts to go
with it.
● Be selective about your supporting ideas – Your main thought or argument
should be closely related to your supporting
● Write the piece with an open mind – By doing so, you prevent biases to
creep in your writing
● Rebut opinions with facts – Show the superiority of your counter arguments
with specifics and factual examples.
● Write to convince – The right approach, choice of words, and style
can present you argument strongly and you the
facts to support it.

Your closing paragraph

The last paragraph is your last line of defense or offense. At this point you must be able to convince the reader that your argument is reliable. These reminders will help you write an effective concluding paragraph:

● Draw attention to the purpose of the essay
● Cite the importance of the essay
● Illustrate how your ideas can be expanded further
● Show how the inquiry can be taken to another direction
● Emphasize the application of the method in your essay
● Do not go overboard with phrases indicating the status of your discussion
the readers are already expecting your conclusion.

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At the closing of your abortion essay give a quotation, or write your own comments for an impressive close. You can also end the paragraph with a prediction or a question that will incite readers to think or take action.