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academic dissertation

One thing that doctoral candidates dread is a dissertation. An academic dissertation is a new thing that they have to master in order to get their degree. They find it intimidating and look out for ways to complete this assignment. Here are a few suggestions and tips that students will definitely find useful.

How to select a topic for your dissertation?

Your dissertation should add value to your academic career. So, you must select the topic wisely. You should follow certain guidelines while choosing the topic.

You must choose a topic which is important and significant. The topic must interest the readers and prove valuable to them.

To write the best dissertation you will need external documents. A student should go for a topic for which enough material is available for him to refer to. The amount of material available will also show the feasibility of the topic.

While deciding on a topic think laterally and select a topic which you will enjoy working on.

Moreover, the topic you select must be familiar enough to arouse interest. As a writer you will have total control over your subject and you must give efforts to make the academic dissertation interesting to the readers.
It is better to go for a topic which focuses on your field of education. In that way you can put to use things you have learnt in the past years. For more tips and suggestions click on how to write a dissertation.

To get on the right track

After finalising the topic you have to create the research proposal. This is the plan which you intend to follow for your paper. At the planning stage the proposal will be a temporary one with scope for amendments. You can show this proposal to your advisor and seek his suggestions. This will enable you to know whether you are on the right track.
Your advisor may suggest some changes. After your proposal receives approval you can proceed to research on the topic.

Guidelines for researching

The reference materials you collect must be credible and reliable. It is not a wise decision to depend on the internet too much. So, as an academic dissertation writer you should rely more on journals, books and articles.
Try to collect as much information as possible. Once you are through with the research you can sort the information and use only the relevant ones.

Things to remember

While referring to materials you should stick to the format that has been specified by your advisor. Be sure that you know the differences between the APA and MLA formats.

Stay away from plagiarism. Copying from someone else’s work is a serious offence and may prove fatal for your career.

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