Tips on Academic writing essay

How to write academic writing essays

academic writing essayAcademic writing essay is not easy. Most students will vouch for it. on the other hand it is not difficult also once you know the basics of it and can handle the task well.

In this article we will provide you tips on academic essays which will definitely help you to earn good grades.

Why should you write an academic essay?

Academic writing is not only meant for assessment. They provide an opportunity to learn to articulate your thinking. So you must make the most of this opportunity and take this task seriously.

Set a deadline

You must keep aside 4 weeks for completing your essay. Create a strategy and follow it. You will find how easily you will complete your essay without any stress.
The first week should be kept for research.

In the second week draw the outline of the essay. you can still do some research.

In the third week go through the initial draft and make necessary changes to your academic writing

The fourth week should be kept for fine tuning only.

Do’s and don’ts of essay writing

There are certain things that you must not do while writing an essay.

The basic objective of writing an essay is to develop your independent thinking and formulating your ideas. You must show your ability to criticize and come up with your own answers. Never try to appease your lecturer through your essay.

Academic writing is difficult, no doubt. Writing such an essay requires extensive research and literary skills. So never leave it to the last minute. Chances are high that as you rush through your project you will end up with poor grades.

Taking input from other will only make your essay better. If possible take feedback from your friends and also discuss the problems you are facing. They can provide excellent guidance. Even your lecturer can also help you in providing ideas to make your essay better.

Keep on asking questions to yourself. This will help you to generate fresh and original ideas which will reflect your understanding of the topic.

Always illustrate your ideas with the help of examples. Examples are always helpful in putting your point across effectively.
Academic writing essays normally deals with arguments. As an essay writer you are required to
develop your own line of argument. Never rely on traditions and old beliefs. Give your own reasons for and against the argument. Do not assert things but always give reasons for what you say.

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Do not panic when you are given academic writing essays. With determination and hard work you can definitely write a good essay and reflect your knowledge and understanding of the topic. You only need to have a positive mind set.