College Admission Essays – Why They Are Important

College admission essays should be taken more seriously. Every year hundreds of otherwise qualified candidates get rejected leaving both candidates and their parents wondering what went wrong. The answer to this problem may not at first be obvious, but a little analysis will show that the candidates did not pay due attention to the admissions paper.

Check with any admissions officer and you will learn that one third the time spent in evaluating an application is spent evaluating the admissions treatise. Remember high SAT scores, high grades and other qualifying activities are often achieved by hundreds, if not thousands of aspiring candidates. When evaluating candidates with similar qualifications, it is the quality of the admissions paper that makes the big difference between acceptance and rejection.

One more important factor to keep in mind is that admissions officers have to assess mountains of applications. This means that they are busy people. And when they have to go through selfsame papers a sort of fatigue sets in that could inadvertently lead to rejection of the candidates who submit non-differentiated essays, even though the essay by themselves are of good quality. This means that not only will your essay have to be good; it has to be different enough to break the tedium and make the admission’s officer sit up and take notice.

At the time of submitting your application you have no control of the SAT scores or your earlier grades as they are consequences of the past. The only thing you can control is the admissions treatise. So make sure that in addition to being grammatically correct, your essay must also be an expression of your personality and character, and be compelling enough to make a busy admissions officer to accept your application.

What makes an admission paper so important? It happens to be the only living aspect of an otherwise mute application. It is this paper that tells the admissions officer about your personality, about your character and about what you think of yourself.

So do a little introspection before you begin your essay. Try and see what it is that makes you individualistic. Reflect on the way you view the world. Contemplate on the things that drive you, and on the people that have made a difference in your life. And finally what are your aspirations; what is that will make you feel that you have achieved your life’s fundamental objectives? This introspection will help to personalize your essay and literally speak to the reader in a voice that is all your’s: unique.

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College admission essays are more important than most candidates and their parents realize. Nearly four out of five rejected applications are rejected because of the poor quality of the treatise. A good composition can tip the odds in your favor. However do not be daunted by the significance of an admissions paper plays. There is ample material available that can help you prepare yourself to write a better essay; an essay that will ensure that your application is accepted. But remember the truism: practice makes perfect.