Application Essays – Tips That Get Results

There is a mountain of material available on how to write application essays that make a difference. Often admissions officers accept or reject an application based on the quality of the paper. But this does not mean that you should be intimidated by the importance of this task. Here we give a few tips that will help you write application essays that will tip the odds in your favor.

1. Use simple language. Admissions officers are busy people. Do not force them to use a dictionary to try and understand what you have written. Try not to use words that are more than four characters long. This is not always possible. But when there is a smaller, simpler word avoid ones that are not used in daily speech.

2. Make your paper appealing. It should stand out in a crowd of essays. If you want the admissions officer to sit up and take notice it has to be different. Use your creativity. And keep the interest going right through the paper.

3. Write a little about yourself. The admissions officer wants to know more about you. Let the essay reveal your character and your personality. But be subtle while doing this. You should not be saying what an altruistic person you are. The reader should understand this about you from an experience that you narrate.

4. Be concise. In trying to be brief you consciously cut out the fluff. This way an admissions officer will not have to read through a sheaf of literature before your personality comes through.

5. Do not use slang. The use of slang can be quite inappropriate.

6. Always write essay in the active voice. You could use passive voice verbs where absolutely necessary. But unrestrained use of passive voice verbs could make your admissions paper boring.

7. Be critical of what you have written. It would be a good idea to ask others to read your essay. Tell them in advance what they should look for in the paper and what it that should come out easily and clearly.

8. Draft. Revise. Go through your paper as many times as required.

9. While revising focus not just on simplicity and shortness of sentences, also focus of paragraph and sentence constructions. Make sure there is consistency between the paragraphs.

10. Make sure that your conclusion is well-built. If it is not an effective summary of all that you have said before rewrite it till it comes out as something that will make it outstanding and leave a positive impression with the reader.

11. There are hundreds of excellent application treatises. Go through a few to familiarize yourself with what an exceptional essay is.

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Writing effectively comes naturally to only a very few. Others acquire the skill by the sheer dint of hard work. Prepare and practice sufficiently. That is the secret of application essays that achieve the desired result. Good writing skill is a basic requirement no matter what you finally decide to major in. It will stand you in good stead all through your career. Our services are aimed to help you.