College Essay Writing Approaches

College education is not all about exams, social life, field experiments and class participation. At one point, you also need to enhance and develop your skills that relate to writing. Therefore, a college essay is usually required by the professors to enable them to see how much you can handle in terms of researching, writing and communicating in written form. Yes it is true that there are different types of college essays but you also need to understand how they differ. Let me give you some popular types of essays in college so you can start learning how to write them.

Different types of college essays have different purposes. It is the purpose of the writer that will define what a particular essay it. Of course you cannot simply write an essay without having a goal. That is why we will talk about these goals of writing no matter what the topic may be.

  1. Narrative essay. The goal of this college essay is simply to tell a story. We are used to narrate stories orally. But you can also do this in written form especially if you want the topic interest to be disseminated to larger groups of audiences. All it takes is a copy of the essay and you can deliver the same story to everyone else. A topic for narrative essays can come from personal thought, experiences, observation or from fictional domains of the mind.
  2. Argumentative essay. This essay has a goal of arguing over an issue or a topic interest that assuming does not have a single acceptance of idea. You are going to argue with the readers that what you believe is acceptable and true. For example, you can write a political essay that involves arguing against the electoral process of choosing a president.
  3. Persuasive essay. This kind of a college essay may be realized as similar to an argumentative essay. Yes it is true that you also need to persuade your readers and accept your notions but it is not necessary to provide proofs and evidences. A persuasive essay can be truly biased according to what the writer perceives it is up to him how he wills influence the readers to accept his ideas.
  4. Critical Analysis essay. This essay is a passive type of a college essay because you will be reading another material to write your own article. You are going to critically analyze the content of another material and integrate its ideas to how you react to the contents.
  5. Compare and Contrast essay. Such an essay intends to realize what common things can be found between two subjects. You are trying to connect two objects so that they can belong to a single grouping factor. Also, you can differentiate them by writing what striking variations they have with respect to each other. A good essay of comparative approach should specifically write the factors that group or differentiate them.

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