How to select Coursework topics

Select a coursework topic that will fetch good grades

coursework topics

Coursework writing is dreaded by all students. Writing an essay is difficult. Choosing a topic to write about is more difficult. Coursework topics are hard to decide and so you may feel distressed when your teacher asks you to find one for yourself. Here are some useful tips on picking a suitable and relevant topic for yourself.

Explore yourself

While deciding on a topic for your coursework, check your own knowledge. You should not try to write about something you have no knowledge of. You should go for topics that interest you or about which you are eager to learn. In other words the topic should be an interesting one so that you can spend hours on it and toil hard for it.

On the other hand, do not take up a topic in which you feel you are an expert. There will be no scope for learning and you will get bored pretty soon. Moreover, an essay aims at exploring new ideas and if you write on something that you already know you will not get any scope to explore and learn. Your coursework topic will not be interesting and your readers will also feel the same about it.


Brainstorming will allow you to find a topic that really interests you. While brainstorming, do not restrict yourself. Just write down the topics as they come in your mind and do not judge them. Write down all the topics that you can think of.

Ask questions

Once you have got all the topics on a piece of paper start asking yourself questions on them. Create a list of these questions. You should ask yourself why these topics interest you, what you wish to know about them etc.

Narrowing your choice

You must have hit a couple of topics that definitely interest you. Choose one or two of them and start writing on them. This is called fast writing. Write whatever comes to your mind without pausing.

Now you are ready to select a coursework topic for yourself. Go through your brainstorming list and the questions. Also read through the fast writing list. Choose the topic that you find most interesting and that satisfies your coursework requirements.

Once you have chosen the topic, it is time to research on it and start preparing for your paper.

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As an essay writer you will face numerous challenges while writing essays. The first of these will be to choose suitable coursework topics. Once you pass this hurdle the rest will be comparatively easy.