Learn how to define dissertation

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define dissertation

Dissertation is a term that most students dread. But before going into the details about why students dislike it or how they can equip themselves to write a better dissertation, it is essential to know the basic facts. It is imperative that scholars know how to define dissertation so that they can figure out what to write and how to write.

What is a dissertation?

Most pupils write a dissertation without knowing exactly what it is and hence run into problems. Let us try to define it in simple terms. A dissertation is an academic document that a student has to write in the course of his study. It is an important piece of document that forms an integral part of high end degrees.

The word dissertation is derived from a Greek word which means an intellectual proposition or a discourse.

A dissertation has to follow a specific structure and must contain well defined elements.

What is the difference between a dissertation and a thesis?

Other than knowing how to define dissertation it is also important for students to acknowledge the difference between a thesis and a dissertation.

A dissertation is more important than a thesis as it plays a determining role in getting the degree. It is the requirement of most degrees like undergraduates or a Master’s degree.

A thesis deals more with technical aspect while a dissertation deals with a hypothesis and how you prove it.
A dissertation should deal with topics that benefit a student’s field of study. It should be relevant to the field.

What are the elements of a dissertation?

Dissertation writing calls for understanding the elements that form a part of a dissertation. A dissertation is usually four to six chapters long.

A well composed dissertation must begin with an introduction. You should familiarize the readers to the basic terminology and citations. This section also explains how other works are related to the topic.

You need to explain your proposition and use references and examples to substantiate it.

Your dissertation should include a well-composed conclusion.

Knowing how to define dissertation will definitely help you to develop a better understanding of the various elements that make a dissertation. This understanding will go a long way in helping you to write the best dissertation.

Make your task easy

When you break up your assignment of writing a dissertation into small portions the task becomes easier and you will realize that writing a dissertation is not at all a difficult job.

Approaching your task step-by-step will also ensure that you do not come under pressure and complete your project within time. You can get help on your dissertation from your advisors and professors. It is also possible to get dissertation help from online sources.

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