How to write a discursive essay

Some essential tips on discursive essays

discursive essayA discursive essay is an essay about a controversial topic. In this type of essay the author chooses a topic and presents both sides of the opinions and favors one side.

It is important that as a student you learn to write these types of essays as they help to learn how to logically structure an argument and counter the arguments of others.

To write a good essay you must follow a strict structure. You should create a plan first and then follow it to develop your essay. Let us explore the steps that you may follow to write such essays.


Your essay must begin with proper introduction to the topic. If possible, provide both side’s point of view, yours and the opposite in the beginning to create balance in the essay. This will also help in building the interest of the reader.


The body of your essay should also be divided into several paragraphs for easy reading. Use separate paragraphs to put forward the negative and positive points. Click on dissertation writing for any help.
Your strongest argument must occur in the second paragraph. You must strengthen it with expert opinions, real world examples and statistical data.

In subsequent paragraphs in discursive essays put forward the arguments in descending order of importance.

Always write new thoughts in separate paragraphs. You can cite examples also to substantiate the opinions.

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The essay must conclude with a summary. Do not introduce any new information in this part. The summary should be based on the job you have done in the essay. Do not be prejudiced and make your position clear. Give tribute to both sides of the opinion.
If you can give prediction for the future then it will add value to your essay.

Tips on essay writing

Here are some tips on essay writing which will definitely help you to churn out good essays.
• For a discursive essay you should not use informal language. You should adopt an impersonal style and stay away from emotional language.
• To improve your essay, provide reasons and examples for each point.
• You can make references to other sources but always remember to identify the source used.
• Never express your personal opinion strongly and also do not cite any personal example.
• Use linking words and phrases to connect the paragraphs.
• Always use separate paragraphs to introduce new arguments or points. Click on essay UK for more information on types of essays and tips on writing good essays.

Essay writing may seem to be a difficult job if you are not aware of the techniques of it. But if you are well versed with the structure to be followed and have a general idea then writing essays can be very easy. Writing a discursive essays is not a very big deal if you know the basics of it.