How to develop a good dissertation introduction

Things you should know about dissertation introduction

dissertation introduction

Students who desire to write a good thesis must be able to write a good dissertation introduction. An introduction is an integral part of a thesis and should be composed with much planning.

Why should you compose the introduction carefully

Every dissertation must have a well composed introduction. It has been seen that the grades received by students depend a lot on the introduction itself.

The introduction familiarizes the readers with the writer. It represents the groundwork for your dissertation. The writer must establish his skill in the beginning to impress his readers. The introduction also sets the tone of the thesis and presents the thesis statement. From the introduction the teachers can gauge the strength and weakness of the essay writer. A good start will definitely make your task easier.

Properties of an introduction

An introduction to a dissertation should have certain properties. If you can incorporate these properties in the introduction you can ensure that it will be a good one.
• The length of the introduction should be between 200 and 400 words.
• The dissertation introduction should describe the major tasks that your dissertation would carry out.
• You should influence the readers to believe that the topic of the thesis has not been fully investigated before.
• It should be informative and competent.
• You should also explain the practical implications of the thesis in the introduction.

Work on the introduction

You should put your time and effort to compose the introduction. You can always approach your teachers for their suggestions. Do not feel disheartened if they provide negative feedback. Work on the feedback to improve the paper and incorporate the changes suggested by your teachers.
You should appreciate the fact that ability to write a fine introduction is an important skill that you should possess. From the introduction the readers will be able to estimate how much understanding of the topic you have. It creates an everlasting impression and should not be neglected at any cost.

Elements of an introduction

There are several elements that should be included in the dissertation introduction. Some of these elements are as follows.
1. The introduction should include a statement about the dissertation problem.
2. An overview about the study should also be mentioned in brief.
3. You must also discuss the significance of your research.
4. You must also introduce the readers to the various chapters of the dissertation by providing a brief description of each of them.

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