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dissertation methodology example

There are several stages in writing a dissertation and they are interconnected with each other. If you want to write the best dissertation then you cannot neglect any of these stages. Hence you have to be careful while writing the methodology of dissertation also. Dissertation methodology example may help you to learn to choose the right methodology.

Importance of the dissertation methodology

The methodology is vital for an academic dissertation. Often students do not pay much attention to it which is a very wrong thing to do. You should never underestimate the methodology. How the readers conceive your dissertation depends a lot on how strong your methodology is.

Methodology for a dissertation will vary depending on the field of study and the type of dissertation you are writing.
Going through examples of methodology will help you to gather knowledge on dissertation writing.

How to find examples of dissertation methodology

Finding examples of dissertation methodology is not difficult. There are several sources from where you can collect these examples and study them.
• Libraries are a rich source of dissertations and also methodologies. You can also search in archives of your school or college where huge collection of such materials is normally found.
• Another source to find dissertation methodology examples is methodological books.
• The internet can also prove to be a valuable source to find methodologies.

Issues you must include in the dissertation methodology

There are several issues that you have to deal with in your dissertation methodology.

The methodology must clarify the basic questions you want to answer through your assignment. Explain these problems in the methodology.

The readers must be exposed to the approach you will adopt towards defining the rationale and handling the samples and researches.

You should provide justification for the methods of research you have chosen. This is very important if you are implementing an unusual technique of developing the dissertation methodology.

Use the examples of dissertation methodology properly

Your ultimate goal is to write a dissertation methodology by studying the examples.

The example methodology should not form the basis for your work. You should not simply rewrite the example.

The idea is to consult dissertation methodology examples to develop your own methodology. Try to be innovative and create your own methodology which will be original and fresh.

The best thing to do is to be critical and find shortcomings in the examples of dissertation methodology. You should try to avoid those weaknesses in your dissertation methodology and make it strong.

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