How to create an essay plan

Learn the techniques to design essay plans

essay plan

To write an essay successfully the first thing you require is an essay plan. A plan will give you direction and provide the framework that is necessary to write an essay. Planning the essay is an important stage that every essay writer has to go through.

Why is planning necessary?

Planning not only saves time and effort but it also ensures good grades which is the ultimate purpose of writing an essay.
A proper planning lends structure to an essay without which the essay fails to elicit positive response.
A student, in spite of having excellent knowledge may fail to impress his readers in the absence of proper planning.
A plan will let the student structure his ideas and maintain a good logical flow. Such a plan forms the backbone of a good essay.

So you should create a well structured plan if you are serious about your essay.

Here are a few strategies that you can adopt to create essay plans that will make your essay an effective one.

Make notes

You must have collected information regarding your topic. It is time to go through those materials and take notes. While reading the materials you will draw conclusions which can form the basis for your plan.

Formulate the thesis

A thesis is the point or hypothesis your essay will deal with. Your entire essay will be directed towards this thesis. You have to compose a thesis that will act as the foundation for your essay.

Organize your notes

You need to sort out the notes logically. This will generate a plan for developing your essay. From the notes you will get ideas on how to arrange the points so that your argument becomes strong enough.
You also need to use appropriate references, quotations and other evidence to prove your thesis. A write should include only those references that are relevant to the points and leave out the rest.

Structure of an essay

Essays are of different types and each of them has a unique structure. Your essay plan must correspond to the elements that have been specified by your instructor.
Normally essays comprise of an introduction, body and conclusion. You have to fit in the information you have selected into these elements to create the plan for the essay.

You also have to decide how you will introduce the ideas in the body so that the logical flow is maintained and the conclusion can be derived naturally.

The conclusion

Your final task would be to direct all the arguments towards a well defined conclusion. The conclusion must reiterate the thesis and show how logically you have proved it.

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