Abstract Topics for Essay

What is an essay on usually? Essays, as we know, could be on almost any subject or topic conceivable. The essay could be on factual matters or on those that rely on using your imagination and abstract feelings and expressions. The latter is usually not a walk over for most people, and it takes time to understand such a subject and work on it. Abstract topics require you to rely on your imagination and ideas that cannot always be researched or verified.
Abstract topics are aplenty, yet they pose great difficulty when it comes to writing. If you were to write about euthanasia, you could dig up a lot of information on it, find out the debate surrounding it, explore various facets of the topic and collate information on which to base your write up. However, if you were to write on an experience or a feeling, or on an abstract concept such as friendship, how much of the material could you research or confirm as correct?
Take for example, this topic: “Explore achievement as a factor that affects your life.” What about this could you actually research or confirm as verifiable? The essay will be based on personal thoughts and ideas, and personal reflections are always subjective. Therefore, this type of essay requires a different approach-one that involves introspection, reflection, and imagination. You could of course find out what achievement means and its importance in human life and endeavor, but this again would be based on what different persons may have thought or felt, not something concrete that is either right or wrong. There is nothing black or white about these topics.
So how do you go about writing on these topics? Let us consider this sample topic: “Explore an incident that has had a lasting negative influence on your life.”
 Understand the topic in depth
 There may be many incidents, but you have to go back in time and think of the one that suits the bill here
 What type of an incident was it
 What was the context for it
 Why do you say it had a negative influence on your life
 What was negative about it
 Describe the incident in detail such that the negative aspect is evident
 There will be some references to and description of you as an individual and your life till the point of the incident and after it
 Focus on the “lasting negative influence” aspect of the essay
 Reflect on the incident
As evident, none of this is verifiable or black and white. The essay on such a topic is not only more difficult to write than fact based ones, but also require you to delve into yourself, your life, and events that you may have forgotten. Once you do this, you also have to explore aspects of your life that you may not have been concerned with earlier. Overall, these topics provide an avenue for self-exploration that is helpful in the long run.