Learn to write an ib essay

Step by step guide to IB essays

ib essayAn IB essay must be written with much dedication. Students should take this task seriously and try to make it outstanding.

Importance of an International Baccalaureate essay

This type of essay aims to help the students to explore their potentials in their chosen field. It is also a prerequisite as a pre graduation work. Hence, it is vital that students write this essay with a proper approach and follow the instructions as laid down in the guidelines of IBO.

Guidelines for an International Baccalaureate essay

As per the IBO this essay must be of 4000 words and written with the assistance of the instructor.

The essay must have a proper conclusion in which a brief discussion with the mentor should be included.

Writing such an essay is based on scholarly research. The essay will be reviewed by expert scholars and then only published. The scholars will check for the authenticity and validity of the essay.

Since an IB essay is a long one, 4000 words minimum, it requires a lot of planning, research and an advanced level of critical insight. These essays are different than what high students are used to write and hence seem difficult to them.

If you find the assignment difficult for you to handle then you can always take help. A lot of websites exist which can provide you guidelines to writing essays.

Step by step approach to an essay

To make the task easier a student must determine his area of interest first. This area must be intriguing enough to the student as he has to do a lot of research and studying on this area dedicatedly.
Once he selects the general area he has to choose a sub-category from this area on which his thesis will be based.
The thesis will present his point of view and involve arguments.

The student has to conduct extensive research on his thesis and gather information. Since IB students do not have much exposure to scholarly research they may need assistance for writing IB essays. The teachers provide such assistance and tips on where to find necessary information. The student may have to pay several visits to the local library. The teacher may ask the students not to lean too much on the information accessed through the internet as most of this information is not peer-reviewed. It is advisable to access such information through library database.
The students should develop an essay outline with the help of the teacher. This outline will help in developing the essay.
The draft will be prepared next which will include the points the students have mentioned in the draft.

At every stage of essay writing the students must seek advice and guidance of their teacher. They should work on his feedback which will help them to remain focused on the job and develop a well-written essay. They students may also require help on dissertation writing.

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