Features of narrative dissertation

What makes narrative dissertations so unique?

narrative dissertation

Normally by dissertation we mean a research paper. But there is another genre of writing that deals with narratives. A narrative dissertation is written to tell a story. It is written with a different goal all together. If you do not have idea about this type of dissertation then read on.

Features of a narrative

Narrative is a Latin word that means to recount or tell a story. Its basic purpose is to entertain the readers and hold their interest. It can also be used to teach or share insights that can change attitudes and opinions. A narrative makes use of interesting plots and drama to raise topical issues and find a solution to those.

Narratives usually involve several characters with defined personalities. According to the plot the dialogues are used in different tenses. Application of dialogues adds a texture and greatly enhances the story.
Descriptive language is used in a narrative dissertation to create vivid images in the minds of the readers that augment the story.

The narrator or the essay writer expresses his point of view with the help of the plot, setting and the characters.

Types of narratives

Narratives are of different types. They can be completely imaginary or factual or a combination of imagination and facts. Mysteries, science fictions, fairy tales, horror stories, romance or even fables form a part of narratives.

Structure of a narrative

A narrative differs in treatment and structure from an academic dissertation. We all know that a dissertation is divided into several chapters and it must follow a general structure like an introduction, main body and conclusion. You also have to create an outline with a structure which should be based on the chapters.

But narratives need not follow any such structure or outline. You can adopt different approaches. Only having three segments is sufficient in a narrative.

The background of the topic should be explained in the introduction of the narrative dissertations. The thesis statement is presented in the introduction. The main story will appear in the body. There is no need to include the chapters that are usually written in a thesis paper. In the conclusion you should wrap up the story. Since there is no problem involved or you are not required to prove anything so the conclusion is also different from normal dissertations.

How to make your narrative interesting

There are several ways to hook up the readers.

• The thesis statement should be interesting enough to make the readers sit up and go through your dissertation with rapt attention. You have to compose the thesis statement in such a way that the story revolves round it.
• In a story you will find a chronology of events. You can write down the chronology and later on rearrange it to make the storyline more interesting. Such use of flash forward will engross the readers.
• Use action verbs and strong nouns to create visual impact. Adverbs and adjectives should be used carefully to bring the story alive.

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