Writing an “Our Day Out” Essay

Approaching Literary Themes in an “Our Day Out” Essay

Different literary courses also carry specific requirements to make sure that you understand the readings in a class. If you have read the play by Willie Russell, “Our Day Out,” then you will want to make sure that you understand how to approach writing a response paper. There are different themes that you can focus on, all which will contribute to the main focus of your paper and which will help you to get the results that you need for your Our Day Out essay.

The first concept to look at with an “Our Day Out” essay is related to the main themes. Most of these are related to human elements among students, specifically with controversial subjects of the time. Social and cultural concepts, such as status, wealth and education are all a part of this particular play. These relate not only to the questioning of society, but also shows how this affects human nature and the way in which different characters understand and relate to life. Writing an essay with these specific themes can help you to form the correct argument for the rest of your paper so you can recieve As English coursework.

The themes that you relate to the literature coursework should then move into a portrayal of the literary techniques that link to this. Since “Our Day Out” is a play, there are specific techniques that Russell uses to convey the main point. For instance, having action and dialogue is central to showing what is occurring on stage and among various characters. The conflicts and the situations also relate to elements such as the setting, descriptions of the characters and the interactions that occur. The more that you are able to define this in your paper, the more likely you will be able to show how this links to the main themes in the play.

After you have looked at the different elements related to the play, you will want to add in a structure and argument that fits with the requirements from your teacher. You will want to begin writing your essay by adding in a thesis statement about one of the themes or literary techniques. This serves as the main argument for your paper and will create a different understanding of what is occurring throughout the paper. You should combine this with support from the text in each of your body paragraphs, all which will help to create a different understanding of your main thesis. If you aren’t sure how to organize this, then looking at essay examples can guide you to creating the right approach.

The different concepts that are a part of writing a literary essay can all provide you with a specific understanding of the text that you are reading. As you write an “Our Day Out” essay, you want to make sure that you focus on the literary elements. This will help you to organize a basic argument and will show how different techniques in the play create the main understanding by Willie Russell.