Generating Research Essay Ideas

What is the Right Research Essay Idea for You?

research essay ideasResearch essay ideas depend on the type of topic that you have in consideration to your course. However, regardless of the field of studies that you have, there is a generic guideline that students can follow in order to create the perfect essay plan. Aside from the fact that learners need to be mindful of the subject matter, there are also some things in need of attention. Time frame, depth, complexity, interest, and knowledge play a great deal of influence in creating your research essay idea.

Subject Matter

What field do you belong? Are you making an essay under economics, marketing, health and social care, arts or literature? Make sure to only include essay ideas that perfectly match your field. If you’re studying health and social care, you can welcome ideas regarding elderly care and you can narrow it down by focusing on elderly care home abuse.

Time Frame

Do you have enough time to deal with your research essay? If yes, find something that is intriguing and unique. If not, you can acquire professional assistance from Custom Essays, buy an essay or make your assignment less complicated by choosing topics which are easy to handle. Research essays usually take a week; activities under this time already include topic and research question building, literature review from various sources, creation of your draft, and finalization through editing and proofreading.

Depth & Complexity

How deep do you need to go on your essay? Are your research essay ideas demanding attention? The scope and profundity of your essay will depend on the students themselves. However, you must also make sure that your essay is narrow enough for it not to be questioned. Avoid topics which you know are vulnerable of subdivisions if you don’t have much time left. Complexity, as well, must also be determined by the availability of the student. Don’t make things hard for you if you know that you are becoming the slave of your own time.

Interest & Knowledge

Consider your interest and you will be surprised on how things will become much easier. Knowledge is the key to avoid confusion and delays. Start choosing topics on areas which you are interested with and those which you are quite knowledgeable. If you happen to have a generous amount of time on your assignment essays, take a moment to know the recent issues in relation to your subject. You might find some fresh ideas and they can become very handy in constructing your own research essay idea and question.


Topic – “United Kingdom health and safety legislations.”
Narrowed topic – “The effectivity of UK health and safety legislation: the toothpick ban.”
Research question – “Are all existing legislations believed to be useful?”

Topic – “World-wide crisis.”
Narrowed topic – “Nations taking an economic dip: effects, intervention and rising.”
Research question – “Which nations are to recover fastest?”

Topic – “Internet marketing.”
Narrowed topic – “The advantages and disadvantages of internet marketing.”
Research question – “Will the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of internet marketing?”

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