The Quality of the Best Essay

Nobody wants to submit a lousy essay paper especially if it involves a large value point in grading. However, it is also a known fact that writing the best essay is not as simple as writing A B Cs. Essay writing needs you to perfectly follow some realized instructions before you can come up with a good one.

The best essay should have an outline. This is also true when you are writing other high level articles such as a dissertation or a research paper. An outline not only provides you guidelines in writing but also makes sure that you can incorporate all of your ideas and intentions into your essay. Most importantly, the outline makes it a point that you follow a certain platform that will help createa well-organized essay.

When you write essay, first think of a topic. This is really true because without a good topic there is nothing to write about. Now, one of the most common errors that students commit is that they simply use topics that they have thought of with great efforts. When you choose a subject, make sure that you can really handle it and that you are familiar with it. Second, the feasibility of conducting research for that topic may also help in making your essay more informative. Third, significance is an important factor in topic selection because it will then relate to the sense of your readers.

The best essay has a format that is readily recognizable. There are only three parts in an essay; introduction, body and the conclusion. Of course you already know these things. Before you can write them, you must also have a good and solid thesis statement. Actually, creating the thesis statement and selection of the topic come side by side. They are complementary.

A good essay should have referenced at least one material to improve the reliability of the content. It may not be needed for a personal or opinion essay but a reference material cited in an essay is a good pointer to make you gain credibility and reliably on what you are talking about. You must have knowledge in using the APA or MLA formats when citing other resources for your essay.

Lastly, the best essay is free from errors, meaning you should have proofread it before submitting. The cases that you need to look for are spelling and grammar errors, coherence patterns of discussions and accuracy of data if applicable. Make sure to proofread your work first.

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