Work Up Your Common Application Essay

Preparing for college is taking a big step towards a promising future. So after selecting a college of your choice, get ready to write that common application essay. Make the task less daunting.

The Important Ticket to College

Some 200 accredited independent colleges and universities require a standardized college application form. The prestigious schools include Boston University, Cornell College, Syracuse University, New York State University, and Bryn Mawr.

The common denominator of the application form is the required writing that shows you as a person behind those grades. The composition should be able to reveal clearly and rationally your personal views and how you approach academic problems.

Your high school transcript, SAT scores and school recommendations tell nothing about you as a student and a person. The admissions panels of these universities want to know your potentials in the way you reveal your thoughts, ideas, personal qualities and aspirations.

How Do Your Write this Paper?

Instead of trying to impress the panel, tell your story simply as you would tell it to your friends. There will be an honest ring to your story. This is the magic key to the gates of the college of your choice.

Remember that the people reading your narrative have gone through hundreds of others. They may have read hundreds of similar stories. So be original and grip their attention.

You could start with a thought-provoking question or a strong declaration of one of your beliefs. Make the first sentence of your application essay intriguing but realistic.

Perhaps you could start with a sentence that runs like this: “I don’t want to go to college but …” Surely the panel will sit up. You can follow this with a list of reasons why you do not want to go to college. Give the punch line about the one compelling reason why you decided to enter the hallowed halls of the university.

You can be sure that the people there will put your paper on top of the accepted file. They will talk about your paper and your insights into your aspirations. It is not everyday that they get a compelling narrative like this.

When answering the common questions

When you are asked to evaluate an important experience, describe the important highlights and narrate how this has affected you as a person, and how it has changed some of your views. Be sure to emphasize the positive outcome of the experience.

After you written your application essay, check out the following:

Did you find your story interesting?

Will it be something special?

Does it show who I am?

Do I show how and not only tell?

Did I make myself clear?

Will the reader be guided from one thought to another?

Did I arrive at a logical conclusion?

Is my presentation neat?

With these pointers, start recalling the important event of your life. Be candid. Be different. Be yourself. But do not sell yourself short in your common application essay.