Guidelines for Writing a College Application Essay

Take the Extra Effort

Your application essay will say a lot about you. Through this write-up you will be revealing your thoughts and ideas instead of others. Make the most of this opportunity to sell your self and gain that admission to the college of your choice.

It is not enough that you have good grades and SAT scores. All the other applicants will have the same thing to show off. This essay separates the individual from the documentary requirements.

How do you stand out then in a sea of essays? Originality counts but so does the way you say your idea. Through your composition, the admissions officers will be able to gauge your organizational and analytical skills as well as the level of your writing skills.

Your Side of the Story

You can choose among a handful of topics for your essay. Start thinking of your personal experiences that led you to you to the admissions office. You can consider those listed below:

  • Specific situation/s that left a mark in your life
  • Any personal transformation you have experienced
  • Your strengths and weaknesses (as related to the field)
  • A famous figure you model yourself after
  • Current issues
  • Specific situation/s where you played an important role (talk about how you handled the responsibility and the lessons you learned)
  • Career expectations and aspirations
  • How you see yourself in ten years
  • Important challenges you had to manage (how the experience changed you)
  • Your participation in extra curricular activities during your high school and college years (how they honed your leadership skills/the lessons you learned)
  • How you plan to deal with anticipated challenges (
  • Your current involvement in activities

Know College or UniversityAfter you’re done with your self-contemplation, do the necessary research on the institution you are applying at. You want to know what catches the interest of those who make up the college’s board of admission. You can do this by looking into the culture of the institution.You can also do some research on the specific mission and goals of the college. It is also important for you to be aware of any specific instructions and requirements you need to comply. You can visit the university’s website or main office. You must consider the following:

  • What made you choose the institution
  • Be positive about your interest in the institution not because the institution is all that you can afford.
  • Be realistic about your interest in the field
  • Do not write a 1000-word composition when you are only required 500 words
  • Be mindful of other requirements
  • Talk to your audience (keep the members of the admission board in mind)

Write everything that comes into your mind and be creative with the way you transform these into words. Do not hesitate to do the nth revision. Be a perfectionist. Seek second opinion; a fresh eye can make all the difference.

Go ahead. Get started with your application essay.