How to Write a Critique Essay

Basic Organizational Concepts for a Critique Essay

There are different types of essays that professors require students to write at the university level. One of the common forms that are used is the critique essay. This differs from other types of essays, such as a reflection essay, because it analyzes what a specific resource, topic or idea is about. Rather than stay with a research base, the paper that you will need to write will need to analyze the research that is already available. Understanding how to approach this specific type of topic can then help you to get on the right track with the writing that you need to do.

The most important part of a critique essay is to make sure that you take a defined position toward a topic. You will need to agree with certain statements by the resources you are looking at and will need to define what you disagree or agree with. The more that you can find the missing points in a literary work or scholarly resource, the stronger your paper will be. Looking at your essay this way can then help you to define your thesis statement while allowing you to develop even more of your paper with an organized approach.

After you have the main agreement or analysis defined in your thesis statement, then you will want to analyze the information for your writing assignments. You will want to organize your essay so it is divided into different concepts that relate to the overall critique of the work you are studying. For instance, if you are in agreement with specific parts of a scholarly resource, or if you see the strong points of a piece of literature, then you will want to define why this is the main point of consideration. As you do this, you will want to add in other scholarly resources or direct references to the information that you find as positive with the essay.

If you disagree with the work or see specific gaps in the research, then you will want to define this with the next part of your essay. Naming the missing points throughout the research can help you to completely evaluate and analyze the resource or literary work. At this point, you can compare this to other resources that also would disagree with the analysis you are making. The stronger essays will have several points of reference that disagree with a certain article, scholarly work or literary piece. If you are not sure how to do this, then you can look at essay examples to get the response that you need.

Understanding how to write a critique essay is one that moves beyond scholarly research and into an analysis of a specific work. Approaching this correctly will provide you with a different set of considerations so that you can analyze an article, scholarly work or literary piece. Organizing this in the correct way and considering a specific viewpoint to the work will then help you to build a stronger essay and point of view toward the information you are presenting.