GCSE Coursework – Writing and Solving Tasks

You have probably heard about the GCSE evaluation program. Basically, this is a method of evaluating the students’ performance. This evaluation platform may be taken in the subjects like language, math or science. Usually, the procedure is taken by secondary students aged 14-16 years old. Although it is not compulsory, it is one of the most reliable evaluation methods used in the British states and territories. So what are the possible types of a GCSE coursework requirement?

A coursework may encompass so many types of projects that a student may complete. Basically, it is a general term that will relate to different tasks that a particular student should accomplish based on the curriculum that the department of education has specified. In a GCSE coursework, you will still need to understand the different types of coursework examples that you have already completed in your previous years in school. Some of the most common types are essay writing, experimental design, researching, solving problems and other conventional school project tasks.

What is the weight of a coursework in GCSE evaluation? Basically, the coursework parameter provides at least 20% of the total evaluation score of the student. The remaining part will be accommodated by the examination procedures. GCSE coursework completion may be a small fraction but this already gives the students some comforts since they have already accomplished one-fifth of the entire score.

Let us discuss some forms of GCSE coursework requirements that you may need to submit or complete when you take the evaluation methods program. We will start with writing compositions. Generally, essays and dissertations are the most common types of coursework in a GCSE evaluation method under the platform of coursework. You will be required to write essays that will involve a given topic. Some examples are history essay, biology essay, physics essay or business essay. On the other hand, writing a research paper may involve a more rigorous task of information mining. Since you will be promoting and solving a thesis statement, you must have a good idea how to research among the available channels like libraries and the internet.

Another form of a coursework is problem solving. Usually, we will see this type of a GCSE coursework under the subjects with technical requirements and computations. The most common ones are in the math, physics and computer domains. You need not worry since a lot of resources can be fond online. The technical coursework math form are more serious than its science-based counterparts since the subject will practically discuss all levels of Algebra to Pre-Calculus.

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