Written Coursework in Health and Social Care

Aim High in Your Written Coursework

written courseworkStudents are given the chance to increase their grades through a written coursework. A lot of learners are trying to do their best in different kinds of coursework, may it be an art coursework, a database coursework and others. Some are even searching for coursework tips for them to be assisted. Aiming for high grades is nonetheless the best strategy to increase one’s class standing. The field of health and social care requires research, up-to-date learning, vast information on social issues and experience. A clear understanding is substantially helpful in completing a written coursework in the medical field.

There are several ways to get the desired grades  for your coursework. Below are the listed steps to follow in working on your coursework specifically in health and social care:

Read instructions carefully and follow the rules strictly

Sometimes students tend to become impatient and they just want to jump on the required written coursework and begin working as soon as possible. Before even reading the questions, start first on the listed instructions and follow them. Instructions can contain the formatting features, presentation, and the basis of situational scenarios which can either be given or not.

Start on the given scenario

When you are given a scenario always base your thoughts on it because if not, then you are defeating its purpose. Highlight the parts which you think are important and jot down side notes.

As your read the questions, dissect them and highlight the keywords

All questions have a certain keyword and they can help point out the wanted answer. The advantage of noting keywords is appreciated especially when you tend to become confused. The puzzling thoughts can find enlightenment by going back to the noted keywords.

Go over your lecture modules, read or scan the whole section

When you already have a clear understanding of your lessons then good for you! You can just do some scanning for you to be better equipped when you start answering the question. But if not, it would be advisable to go over the modules and start reading them. This method can save time and energy because when you have greater knowledge on the subject matter, you are given the ability to answer the questions with no doubts and even no pauses. Your spontaneous thoughts will supply the answer and won’t even tempt you to go for another set of additional research because you know that you are supplying the right answers. It would be great to do more research for the sake of extra supporting evidence.

Start answering!

Include experiences in relation to your subject matter and do correlation. Answer in a direct and in an organized manner. Having loads of thoughts due to your back up reading doesn’t mean that you are already allowed to pour down every single thought out on every corner. Always have your thoughts organized and present them in a direct manner. You wouldn’t want to waste your instructor’s time don’t you?

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