Help on written coursework

Written coursework tips you cannot do without

written courseworkEvery student has to write coursework. It forms an integral part of a student’s life and should be taken with seriousness. Written coursework are meant to fetch grades and hence students are advised to work on it with dedication.

Tips to make your coursework better

• To keep your motivation running high, choose a topic that interests you. In this way you will never get bored and will be able to complete your coursework in time.
• Try to be organised and make a plan which you should stick to. This will allow you to finish your work within time and with perfection.
• A vital part of your plan must be research. You should not start writing unless your research is complete. This will not only save time but also effort.
• Coursework must be written clearly and neatly. Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
• If there is any word limit then remember to stick to it.

Stay away from plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious offence and students must stay away from it. You should ensure that your written coursework is produced by you only. Copying from books, internet or someone else’s coursework is cheating which in other word is known as plagiarism.
There are several disadvantages of cheating other than getting disqualified or getting lower grades.
When a student cheats from someone else’s work there are high chances that he will not fully understand what that person has written. If the coursework is linked to exams then the student may find himself in trouble while answering questions from that portion.
People have very distinct writing styles and it is easy to spot if you copy from someone else’s work. A number of computer programs are there which can identify plagiarism.

Things students can do to achieve good grades

• Before you proceed with your academic coursework read the instructions carefully.
• You should formulate your methodology first. Give lots of thought to how you are going to structure your coursework, the stand you will take and the arguments you will use.
• Keep your sentences short and concise. Do not use complicated questions.
• Never use questions in your written coursework i.e. do not ask the readers for their opinion.
• If you are using terminology then you should define them properly.

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